πŸ’™πŸ’œBreak ups and new starts- Game over, try again πŸ’œπŸ’™

Break ups .. a fun time had by all .. 

Some breakups are absolutely terrifying .. others well they can be a relief ..sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the courage to end it ..
1am Tuesday morning my now ex boyfriend and I called it quits .
Can’t say I really care ..I actually felt well relieved .. like really really relieved.

Gotta block the people who will be drama with a  a breakup..

Imoved back to Mum’s house yet strangely it feels like I never left .. 

Our dogs are now best friends suprisingly.. my parents dog normally hates other dogs and my dog likes to play with the ones who wants to attack and bops them on the head .. no kidding he legit bops other dogs on the head .. 

Right now I’m in my cozy bed and refuse to leave . . Not for any break up related issues but because its damn cold here in perth, western Australia.. 6pm and freezing .

It’s strange to say after a 5 year long relationship.  4 years living together it feels like a distant memory

The depression is slowly lifting .. and my dog is even happy ..

If only it was this easy all the time. I guess we shall give it more than a week to see if my emotions are just on hold .. I mean its only been what .. 6 days .. 

To happy futures filled with happy people and good emotions .. don’t drown in the deep end when you can lighten up in the shallows .. 

Ohhhhhhhh my glitter also arrived today .. next week will be the start of attempting to make my own glitter moving quicksand phone case.

Sometimes the best choices are always the hardest ones.

πŸ’œMoving home in the rainπŸ’œ

Have you ever had to pack up and move ? Oh the fun.

No joke it is the worst when you have so much to pack and do it all by yourself.

Recent break up and moving back home.. I found so much junk then the furniture and then deciding what to take and what to leave ….

ARGH.. painful experience.. but I will conquer

So after 2 trips which is an hour each way and a third trip to pick up my awesome dog Haidies half the house is done and we are trying to get 2 male dogs to get along.. which is proving a little difficult but is going ok .. the other dog might randomly go to bite my dog but then Haidies just “Bops” him on the head -_- 

Mum’s dog Ratler

My dog Haidies (taller than Ratler)

Anyhow it’s raining and the front yard is full of BIGGGGGGGGGGG puddles .. 

The sound of rain is so relaxing sometimes 

Hope everyone’s having a fun night .. 

Puppy cuddles, a nice warm room and roller shutters to keep out the light equals a perfect night πŸ’œπŸ˜€

Wake up time .. no glitter today .. sorry-not sorry maybe tomorrow since I had some delivered πŸ€£πŸ˜„πŸ€—

My dream land – Sexual incounters of the mindΒ 

I had a dream .. it was crazy .. here’s how it went:

“RIVER where are you?” Huntley called.. I new he was someone inportant to me but I loved being high up in my tree whilst painting or writting.. the man finally looked up and spotted me and grinned .. yep grinned at me like it was normal I was in this tree.. 

I knew we couldn’t stay here forever because the raiders would eventually come or the infected would attack ..

As I climbed down from the tree the man grabbed me from behind “hey” I giggled.. “Huntley what are you doing? Put me down” Huntley put me back on my feet and turned me around .. where I felt his breath against my lips “shhhhh” he told me “we have a moment alone before Logan returns from the hunt.. and I wanted a moment of you to myself” he says right before his lips crash into mine.. it wasn’t a slow sweet kiss .. nope it was hard and passionate, I loved these desperate kisses.. these moments where few and far between in this world where we right to survive.. “HEY, no fair.. you started without me” Logan called from behind me .. as he moved up and kissed my neck .. we didn’t have the most normal relationship but these where my men and where I went they followed.. Super sex scene happened – to be continued..

Yep I have strange sexual dreams where I’m surrounded by more than one man in a relationship of some sort and there’s always some battle with guns and swords. I’m weird I know . But it was amazing .. even without the glitter

What’s out there ?? Aliens? More of me ? Spaceships?Β 

Have you ever wondered what’s out there?? I mean..  I’m sure every single person has wondered .. 

Are we alone? 

Is there a mirror earth?

Are aliens out there?

What even are aliens?

Are we aliens?

I mean seriously .. the galaxy is a huge never ending place .. 

We can’t be the only life force to exist.. maybe there’s another me? Who really knows.. all we know is if a spaceship came into our orbit .. the government would probably attack first ask questions later, if not imprisonment and experiments even if they are exactly like us..

How cool would it be to have another planet with people .. the technology could be super futuristic .. we could all be running around naked or in awesome space suits .. 

One day id love to know what’s out there .. 

Or see a super awesome spaceship​ 

Maybe in another life who knows .. until then you get to read my type of crazy .. which isn’t really that crazy if your just as weird at me .. in that case it’s probably 100% normal to you .. well that is until I throw glitter or set up a glitter and dog machine πŸ˜€πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡ love me or hate me but I’ll never change πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

Winter warmth

Morning weirdos

So it’s the begging of winter and so damn cold .. no joke it’s like ice.. yet I’ve never seen snow.

The season of cuddles and heaters ..

I have a heater .. and a dog for a leg warmer but no cuddles .

It’s not always hot in Australia πŸ™‚ but then again I’ve never really been anywhere outside of Australia other than Bali .


On the plus side,I have a new king size bed that I can finally use tonight !! No one ever tells you decompressed mattresses are like cement to lift ..

The quest to love myselfΒ 

Dear blog

Today I’m on a mission to find something I like about myself in my quest to learn to love who I am as a person. 

So I did my makeup until I felt good instead of my basic makeup routine 

For the first time in a long time I actually feel rather pretty and decided to share my feel good feelings in my quest with the internet apparently 

Today is the day where instead of making others smile I’m aiming to make myself smile .. a real smile for once not a fake one 

So I’m feeling good for the day and ready to make the next move.. 

If your learning to love who you are as a person don’t be afraid to show it πŸ˜„ 

We all need to learn to love ourselves as the person we are .. even if we start from the bottom.

No fear has room in this bright and brilliant but cold day !!


Sexist, name shaming and double standards in sexΒ 

So I read a book today that was severally sexist, I mean it was old fashioned but still!! 

For a woman to remain a virgin whilst a man can sex up whom ever he damn well pleased .. I mean I get the fantasy for men and maybe some women but it just shows women as possessions and set at a different standard- if I lived in an era like that, I believe I’d remain a virgin for life unless I found an unmarried virgin man which lets face it .. would be close to impossible in any era/century of this life……or I’d probably punch faces of everyone who thinks it’s ok for the double standards.

We are equals yet treated differently ? That sentence just doesn’t sit well!! 

If a man sleeps with say 10 women in 10 days he’s a “legand” but…….. If a woman sleeps with 10 men in 10 days she’s a slut ?? !’!#(@#)$) 

Judgemental asshole world .. 

And no I haven’t slept with 10 men in 10 days .. that seams rather an impressive and skillful task ……… 

This day and age tho it’s a game amongst some to whom can take whoms virginity and then call them slutty .. 

The word slut and whore are highly offensive and although I’ve never really been referred to as either it pisses me off on other women’s behalf .. 

If a woman is “promiscuous” that’s her choice just like a mans choice .. 

We are equals and we should be treated it in every way .. including sexual .. 

Any man who’s had multiple sexual partners get call women who do the same a “slut or whore” should be punched in the face repeatedly whilst being publicly humiliated ..

If we can’t decide what happens with our bodies without being publicly shamed and put down then all woman might as well wear unremovable steal plates and watch as men suffer and have to turn to themselves to find their release .. unless there’s a few who also like men then I’m sure any woman would love to watch.

STOP SLUT SHAMING .. if you don’t want the other sex being promiscuous then don’t be promiscuous yourself .. don’t expect from others what your not prepared to give up yourself 😊